jodi principal

hometown: Columbus, OH

residing: People's Republic of Takoma Park

education: Bachelor of Art, Fine Arts + English + Art History, University of Maryland, College Park. RISD freshman foundation program.

design philosophy: Listen, respond creatively & collaboratively, make a difference

design hero: Sagmeister, Neville Brody, Alexander McQueen

extracurricular: Jewelry making, thrifting/collecting (but NOT hoarding!), photography, clothing reconstruction

listening: TuneYards, The Heavy, The Kills, Lumineers, whatever Jack White is doing while wearing whatever color

reading/read/loved: Locked in the Cabinet by Robert Reich, A Message from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta, Just Kids by Patti Smith

snacking: Frozen dark chocolate dipped bananas

guilty pleasure: Vintage everything, weird handmade stuffed toys, Smalltown Security

fail: Tried to play cigar box guitar. Looked cute, sounded awful. Oh well!

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